Choosing Joy

Joy is standing against a white background. She has on a blue and white striped dress. You can only see half of her face, but she is smiling and clapping!

Choosing Joy.

My life motto. The title of my blog. But it has one more important meaning to me. Joy is my daughter’s middle name. And this blog is all about choosing her. I first published Adopting “Heidi” two years ago. At the time I had intentions of starting the adoption process within that year and hopes that she would be home sometime in 2020. Well due to some unforeseen life circumstances, that didn’t happen. But no matter how low of a pit I’ve seem to have found myself in, I’ve still heard the Lord whispering “don’t give up”.

So here we are at the beginning of a new decade, at the beginning of my daughter’s second decade (she turned 10 in October) and GUESS WHAT?!?! I am finally starting the adoption process!!! Today, January 24th, 2020 I submitted my initial application with my adoption agency for Joy’s adoption.

Woo hoo!

Joy on her 10th birthday. She is wearing a traditional Indian outfit. The top is teal with gold embellishments and the skirt is pink. Her belly is poking out! There is a teal star covering her face.

The journey to get to this point has not been easy. There have been SO many points over the last six years where I thought I would never get to be Joy’s mom. (Including some very recent low points!) But time and time again God has whispered “don’t give up”.

Over the past few weeks I have felt a resounding “YES” to starting the process to adopt Joy. While some things in my life certainly aren’t turning out the way I planned, one thing remains constant. I am Joy’s mom and the Lord put me on this earth to fight for her. That much has always been clear to me.

So I am just going to be real with you guys. This adoption process is not going to be easy. For one, it’s probably going to take 2 years. That is about the average time it is taking to adopt from India right now. Secondly, it’s expensive and to be frank, I don’t have a lot of extra money. Thankfully, Joy has a $15,000 grant specifically for her that I will receive at some point in the process. But even with that, I will need to work for and fund raise another $15,000-$20,000. To start this process I am creating a Go Fund Me. This will just be the first of many fundraisers along the way. Click HERE to see my Go Fund Me page!

Joy is wearing a navy shirt with pink flowers on it. It says “shine”. Her hair is braided and she is smiling. There is a teal heart covering most of her face.

They say it takes a village and I wholeheartedly believe that. I have watched several friends adopt their Indian kiddos and have witnessed their people rallying behind them to get their baby home. So here I am humbly coming before you to ask, will you be a part of my village? I need you to pray hard for Joy’s adoption. There is a huge chance India might not even approve me to be her mom. (Typically India requires there be a 25 year age gap between parent and child. Joy and I’s age gap is 15 years – so yeah we’re stepping out in faith here). Secondly I need help financially to get her home. I wish it wasn’t but adoption is expensive y’all! And lastly, I need a village back home to support me and help me raise my daughter as a young single mother. I want you to be a part of my village.

Thank you for reading and thank you for praying. And most of all thank you for Choosing Joy with me. I love you guys.



In my previous blogs I have referred to my daughter as “Heidi”. This is a fake name used online by her orphanage to protect her privacy. From this point on in my blogs I am going to refer to her as Joy, because that is the middle name that I am giving her. Once the adoption is complete I will finally be able to share her Indian birth name with all of you! This is the name that I will continue to call her and she will go by in America.

PS: If you haven’t read Adopting “Heidi” GO READ IT!!!! It’s the story of Joy and I and our journey to become mother and daughter.


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