Short Seasons

A little over two months ago I became Savyon’s legal guardian. Yesterday I had the guardianship officially dissolved. Now this may seem like a sad thing, but it isn’t at all! Savyon is living with extended family now who love him dearly. His mom is working hard to get him back, and soon they should be reunited as family.

When we took Savyon in our goal was always family reunification. I believe families should stay together whenever possible, and taking Savyon in was a favor to his mom who needed someone to care for him temporarily.

Our time with Savyon was so sweet; he got to meet both mine and Neil’s parents. He spent Easter with us, he got enrolled back in school and began to thrive in a new environment. But it was also really hard. He could be extremely stubborn and defiant and sometimes violent. Being his guardian grew me in ways that I didn’t know I needed.

So as this short season comes to a close, I thank God for the opportunity to love and care for Savyon. I thank God for Savyon’s family, for his mom, for everyone who is out there looking out for him, cheering him on and hoping to see him thrive.

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