Not What I Had Planned

So my last blog post was nearly 15 months ago…. I’m a great writer – haha. Fifteen months ago I told you all of my intention to adopt my former foster daughter *Heidi who currently lives in India. Well that is STILL in the works but unfortunately hasn’t really progressed much since I last wrote.

In fact, for much of the months of February and March I was very angry at God the lack of movement in our adoption. For five years I have dreamed and planned for the day I would turn 25. On that day I would file my initial paperwork to begin the process of legally adopting Heidi. Well I turned 25 on February 28th, 2019 and guess what did not happen? I didn’t file any paperwork. Due to some current life circumstances I was not in a place where I would qualify to adopt her. And let me tell you, that made me furious. I was so mad at God. I had planned for this for FIVE years!! God had been preparing my heart to open my home to a child with Down syndrome for FIVE years! And now (excuse my language) what the hell was happening?

Savyon is standing in our living room in a navy suit with a white shirt underneath. He looks very handsome!


About halfway through March I received a phone call that would change my life. Savyon, a teenager with Down syndrome whom I have known and cared for over the past couple of years, needed a place to live. I gladly took Savyon in initially thinking the situation would be very short term. I quickly found out that we were looking at a possible long term situation where Savyon could be in my care anywhere from six months, to a year, to possibly forever. Suddenly we were talking about things like going to court and filing for legal guardianship. Well on March 26th that is exactly what happened. I became Savyon’s legal guardian and we started a new chapter together.

IMG_1979 2
Savyon and I are open mouth smiling for the camera in a selfie. This photo was taken right after I received guardianship.

This is not what I had planned. But for five years I have been preparing my heart for God to place a child with Down syndrome in my home the month I turned 25. And that is EXACTLY what He did. It just wasn’t the child I was originally thinking of. I still believe that Heidi is meant to be my daughter, and I am still working to bring her home. But I’m so overjoyed to have Savyon and he is already looking forward to meeting her one day. And ya know, (it is taking a lot for me to say this – deep breaths) if Heidi isn’t meant to be my daughter and someone else adopts her before I have the chance to, then I am SO thankful and overjoyed that God used her to prepare me for Savyon. God’s plan for our lives has been so perfectly crafted and intertwined that I just feel so lucky to get to be a part of Savyon and Heidi’s stories, and they a part of mine.

(Photo descriptions are included for the visually impaired.)

One thought on “Not What I Had Planned

  1. Carrie you are one amazing lady! Very wise for your 25 years! Stories like yours make my heart so happy. I also have a sweet boy with Down syndrome. He is 16 now. Many blessings to you and Savyon! I am so deeply impressed by you!!


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